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Supporting Model Railroading and Modeling
Of The North Woods Railroads


TLMRC Support of the Three Lakes Make It! Camp reported on NBC "Newswatch 12 Today"

To see the newscast (Click Here)

The 2019 Make It! Camp (Our fourth year) was a success, photos and links to come. Survey says 90% would return and 80% would bring a friend next year.


Paul and Brian Wussow photographed 4014 in

Glen Ellyn IL 7/26/19

Paul removed the wires above the loco.

Brian's shot shows more of the loco in greater detail due to exposure adjustment.

More photos as they develop.


Paul Wussow helps Keith Mc Millen pull a 17 car train "The Utah" up Ted York's Cajon Pass layout during the NMRA National Convention " Salt Lake City 2019".

Keith heads downhill after reaching Summit.

After running the wye at Summit Paul waits for clearance to go back down to San Bernardino.


TLMRC Member Bon French travels west to photograph 4014

For More Bon French Photos of 4014 (Click Here)


From The Bon French Collection, some

C. Richard Neumiller Photos are featured in Peoria

The Peoria Riverfront Museum has a new exhibit on railroading spurred on by the May 10, 2019 celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike. In addition to historic photos and description of the importance of the transcontinental railroad, it explains the importance of railroads in the Peoria area and features 25 images on Peoria railroading taken by Dick Neumiller in the 1950’s-1970’s that are now part of the Bon French collection. 

For more of Dick Neumiller's Photos go to our Prototype Pages or (Click Here)


Progress on the Powerhouse from parts (click Here)

A Larger Powerhouse from DPM parts (click Here)


Reworking the Mantua 2-6-4 and 2-8-0 for DCC using the Northwest Short line refit kit. (Progress?)


STEAM and Model Railroading (click here)


Update on Radio ProCab and PowerCab

Rechargeable Batteries (Read Here)


Paul Says "Read a report from the Fab Lab Foundation" (Link Here)


2018 Make It! Camp in Three Lakes WI is a Total Success.

November 2018 meeting generates new programming for teaching signal operations.

View the Updated report (Click here)

To create Bi-Directional Signals, we have built new end modules to connect modules with passing sidings.


Construction in the North Woods

Bob is working on the installation of sub-roadbed and checking operations.

Jack is squaring the KREG joints for the new modules cut and fitted by Brian, Bob and Paul


Testing of the new modules in airconditioned workshop

The Layout room has a shelf system that accommodates the modules for up to

18' X 6' modules without their frames.

As the modules got ready for installation work moved to the garage for construction with (3) 4' sections on each side of the new 24" radius end modules which are 6’ X 30”.

Fitted with foam to support the track foam is placed into the wooden structure

Careful adjustments will allow the Woodboro and Starks Models will be displayed on the 32" depth modules. The overall size 6' by 17'.

Bob checking out the modules assembled at the Fab Lab Three Lakes.

A BD20 is one of 7 wired for dection of the trains by detection of current flow.

Testing the modules in the garage with track detection on the main line.

Three trains in two directions pass in town as the passing track was not finished.


Jack Zimmer a TLMRC member found his local library has a Maker Space with 3D printers.

Prepare To Be Amazed (Click Here)

You can do it to:

Printable files are ready for the short Overton Cars (Click Here)

**Report on Club Projects**

Requests for 50' Boxcar frame .stl file

Requests for Overton Short car .stl files

Requests for Overton 50'cars .stl files

*NMRA Turntable March 2018*

*NMRA eBulletin May / June 2018*

Link to Thistle & Rose Miniature Figures


Paul Wussow and Friends Do High Tech and Old School Models

Build Your Own Choo Choo Store


Metra Loco Painted in Rock Island Line


Boy Scouts of America

BSA Railroad Merit Badge and Nova Awards


Three Lakes Elementary LabĀ , #1832

at Three Lakes Elementary School


Center for Railroad Photography & Art Logo

The Center For Railroad Photography & Art has updated it's Web Site


Join us in the “Greatest Hobby” as a member of the TLMRC.

The closing of the Choo Choo Store and the Removal of the Rhinelander Club web site (RRAHOME.ORG) has required many updates on pages of the TLMRC site. We will add RRA pages from their site that reflect our friendship and cooperationto our site. This will not be an RRA home page but rather pages about the Rhinelander Railroad Association and the work of their club members. If you find links that do not work or take you to the wrong location, please let me know via Contact Us

Update 8/21/19