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Supporting Model Railroading and Modeling
Of The North Woods Railroads

Bob Knobbe and Jack Zimmer submitted their AP EE paperwork after a summer of work.

The 2017 Make It! Camp in Three Lakes, August 8,9,10th was a great success for 7th thru 12th grade students.

This event ncluded Laser etching and cutting, 3D printing, truth tables and programming of Railroad signals on an Arduino computer, and programming an Arduino to send IR data to control a Robot.

Paul Wussow Receives NMRA AP Official Certificate

Paul turns into a Blade Smith at The Clearing in Ellison Bay WI New Photos 6/13/17

Brian Wussow is Building a Spice Rack using 3D Printing

TLMRC Demonstrates DCC & JMRI at the Fab Lab Three Lakes WI

Members demonstrate the operation Jack Zimmer's C Liner's DCC sound locomotive and the use of JMRI to program decoders via a USB interface to the NCE Power Cab system.

Report on the Make It! Camp and other activities at the Fab Lab

Planning TLMRC signal circuit use in Three Lakes School K-12 Technology Classes

Programing and HO modules in the classrooms introduce STEAM to all grade levels

This circuit uses an Arduino to simulate setting train signals in an era when cell phones and radios were not available to communicate the condition of the track ahead to the engineer in the locomotive.

Report on the Make It! Camp and other activities at the Fab Lab

TLMRC at Liberty Hobby Center Tested and Ready

Boy Scouts of America

BSA Railroad Merit Badge and Nova Awards


Center for Railroad Photography & Art Logo

The Center For Railroad Photography & Art has updated it's Web Site


Join us in the “Greatest Hobby” as a member of the TLMRC.


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