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Club Members Achievements

From the TLMRC Mission Statement:

Our goal is to encourage model railroaders to partake of the hobby and membership in this and other railroad clubs. It is to encourage any member to partake of the Achievement Program (AP) of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) and to promote model railroading as a hobby. It is also to promote new memberships, new ideas and follow the guidelines of NMRA and maintain 100% NMRA membership.

We are proud of the members of the Three Lakes Model Railroad Club participating in the NMRA contests and Achievement Program activities. Links to their layouts are posted below their photos.

Bon French is our latest Golden Spike Award winner.

Bon models the UP on his Glen Ellyn IL Layout (Click Here to see the Layout photos)


Paul Wussow holds a Golden Spike and 6 Certificates (Click Here to see Paul's models)


Jack Zimmer Receives a Golden Spike (5/6/14)

See Jack's Layout Photos


Bob Dumke Receives a Golden Spike (3/17/14)

See Bob's Layout photos


Bob Knobbe Received the NMRA Golden Spike Award in early November.

See Bob's Layout photos and Module Photos


Bon French won First place in Prototype Photos at the Du Page Division Photo contest with his KCS #1


Paul Wussow won First Place in Model Photos at the Du Page Division Photo contest with a photo of Bob Knobbe's CB&Q NW2 on Paul's Module.


Paul Wussow won 2nd Place for favorite train at Du Page Division November Meet

with his Horicon Wisconsin Paint Shop, locos and cars.


Three Lakes guys review their awards from the WLD Fall Meet in Rhinelander WI

Bob Knobbe and Jack Zimmer First Place Modules
Brian Wussow First Place B&W Prototype
Bob Knobbe First Place Prototype color Slide
Paul Wussow Second Place Prototype Color Print
Paul Wussow Second Place Model Color Print
Paul Wussow Third Place Model Color Print
Paul Wussow Honorable Mention Model Color Print


Bob Knobbe ties for 2nd Place in weathering at the October Du Page Division contest.

Bob's Weathering


Frank J Koch, MMR, Tools, Jigs, Fixtures and the Achievement Program

Marvin Preussler, MMR, Midwest Region AP Manager's memo on the AP Program

A Quote From John Doehring:

"I'm interested in why the AP doesn't appeal to more NMRA members.  After all, it is one of THE opportunities which you truly can only get through the association.

Though some people use the analogy disparagingly, I think the model of the Boy Scouts is useful. Of course not every kid who joins the Scouts will become an Eagle Scout (MMR), but just about all Scouts join and pursue some merit badges (certificates).  We're not kids (though we sometimes act like kids), but the same idea applies - it's the external motivation of recognition, acknowledgement, and education/growth that drives a desire to pursue certificates (or merit badges).

So though there might not be many with me, one question I have is - why isn't the AP program about the numbers?" 



As part of our club Education projects we have started to include copies of the material submitted, either in full or in part. We generally will not include the SOQs.

Some of the submissions are quite large and may take a while to down load.

11 Certificates have been awarded and members continue to work on additional AP projects.


Updated 07/17/17