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3D printing Projects at the Fab Lab Three Lakes

Passenger Car Interiors

34' MDC Passenger Car Interiors

Ore Car Frames for MDC Ore Cars

HO and HOn3 Steel Underframes and More

NMRA MDC 50' Box Car Frames

3D Printing of HOn3 Car Frames

I printed the above car frames on the 3D UPrint high resolution printer from 3D drawings created on Vectorworks and exporting as a 3D.stl file. Below is an example of the 2D drawing and then a 3D Isometric rendering. This file is then exported as a .stl file that is input to the Catalyst ex Dimension program that drives the UPrint Printer.

The print head places a white base on the printing table after the unit has calibrated itself. This base provides support of the 3d object to be printed.

Here is the result of the printing, the black is the car frame and the white is the supporting base that is to be removed.

Here is the HOn3 Pickle car frame removed from the base support material.


HOn3 frames and bases.


HOn3 frame for a logging caboose still on the base.



3D Printing of doors and windows

This is the Fab Lab 3D UPrint printer it has printed a S Scale window and door.

Here is the wall chart in the lab for the students to follow:

Laser cutting at the Fab Lab.


Visit the Fab Lab site at:

Many thanks to Steven Yahr, director of the Fab Lab, and the students who have assisted us with this project at the Three Lakes School District.



Updated 06/05/16
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