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Bob's new signals

Bob  installed 2 new Z-Stuff tri color signals

These new signals have optical sensors built into the base of the signal.

As a train passes the signal it shows RED as long as the train is being sensed it remains RED. After the train clears the detection the signal remains RED for a set time train length (8 seconds is the default) then it turns to YELLOW. After a second train length the signal shows GREEN until it detects another train.  The timing may be programmed and detection does not require any connection to the track.  These signals also may be linked so that the down track signal may hold the up track signal YELLOW.



Bob converts an E8 to DCC and adds LED headlight and mars light

Bob Knobbe Installs DCC in an E9 with LED Lights


Jack Zimmer adds Lights to his IC Passenger Train



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