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Bon French is Celebrated by Adams Street Partners at the Chicago Union Depot Outside the Burlington Room at Chicago Union Depot Conductor J.J.Keigley Welcomes Guests to a Celebration of Bon French who is a member of the Three Lakes Model Railroad Club. J.J. Called the guests to order before introducing Gary Fencik, the master of ceremonies. This was a celebration of the "semi-Retirement " of Bon from the company he founded. Bill and I were glad be there to honor Bon and look forward to having him at more club events in his "semi-retirement".

J.J.Keigley has 50.5 years with the railroad and has been Bon's conductor on the UP West Line #22 for 38 years. It was a total suprise for Bon to have his conductor at his retirement party.

( Metra and the UP Named the West Line as The J.J.Keigle CORRIDOR)





Updated 06/06/18

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