04/29/18 Edition

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04/29/18 Edition

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Sawdust Removal from Tools at a High School Shop

By Brian Wussow


In the shop the dust collection hose would come loose from the panel saw and fly over the top of the pullies and hit the student or the monitor on the other side of the saw. The problem was to stop the tube from passing thru or over the pully. Brian decided he could 3D print a connection for the end of the flexible tube that would stop at the pully and prevent accidents in the shop.

On the left you see the hose coming over the top of the pully system but stopped by the attachment on the right.

Here you see the hose connected to the saw.


The Shop Bot also needed a way to connect from its 2" hose to the 4"dust collection  system so Brian printed a cone to allow direct connection.

Updated 04/29/18

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