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Modular Spice Rack

By Brian Wussow

Brian is working in Thimgiverse building a Modular Spice Rack printed in 3D

Here are some of the parts and his update. The full work is available on

Thingiverse at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2256556/#collections

Brian's Update:

4/19/17 Update: Adjusted the depth on the main shelf. Also removed indent in the round nub to increase strength.

I was looking for a new spice storage solution for my over cluttered cabinets in my kitchen. I came up with this solution as a possibility to solve the issue in multiple cabinets and to work with my limited print bed as I couldn't print a whole level all at once with the 200mm x 200mm print space.

I have tested the main joints and am currently printing out the rest of the pieces to double check all things. This is still a work in progress

A few notes about the way it works:

I suggest a full shelf layer for the base to use as holders for the legs going upwards. The legs fit into the top and bottom of each section so that you aren't limited to a single layer of rack.

Modular Spice Rack by bwussow is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.


Updated 05/18/17

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