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Welcome to Brian's Workshop

Check out his Dust Collection attachments (Click Here)


New Project to mount a TSU-PNP decoder in an

Athearn Ready To Roll SD45 as sold


SD45 removing the stock board note the motor clip


SD45 with stock light board removed

mount could cover(around) the top of the motor


SD45 with TSU-PNP board

Top down Front to the left

Dimensions SD45 motor and decoder  
Motor Top L=1.375”
Brass Tab Width =.190”
Plastic width = .288”
Front Motor Tab L=.154”
Rear Motor Tab L=.2315”
Front plastic to Front tab = .012”
Front of front tab to rear of rear tab = 1.103”
Motor Front to Back = .8745”
Brass between tabs = .630”
Motor Width = .710”  (plastic is close )
Rear plastic Width = .280”
Rear plastic Length = .440” (with Brass clip)
Total Space between castings = 3”

Side of motor Front to the left


TSU-PNP decoder Front to the left

Useable length = 2.580”
Useable width = .316”
Total width = .665”
Space between open spaces = 1.200”
Rear tab width =.242”
Front Tab Width = .316”
Small center opening extension width =.081”
Opening F to B with extension = .165”
Opening F to B without extension =.095”


The yellow space is opening for snap in parts



Updated 04/29/18

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