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Bob's Freelance CB&Q

Engine ready track with road power ready when needed


View of the town of Rock Falls


Main yard and team tracks with lumber yard and small factory


NW2 and GP35 yard engines ready for days work


New house under construction in Rock Falls


Tower and yard engines at yard throat


Rock Falls town station


Overhead view o f Rock Falls main street


Latest purchase for staging yard work (Alco S2)


Zephyr stopped at Rock Falls station for passengers


Road power (Lf to RT)—Sprit of 76 SD40, Way of the Zephyrs GP9

Chinese Red U28B and Gray FT A&B units


Road construction near engine house


Zephyr ready to go on afternoon run


Glendale Northern locomotives from previous layout. SD45 and U25’s


Updated 05/13/14

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