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DCC Tests


Basic setup the scope is floating (not connected to ground/ earth)

Top trace CH1 is the output of the Power Pro program track at the PowerPax.

Bottom trace CH2 is the independent program track with a loco containing a NCE D13SRJ decoder probes are connected to the wires from the output of the PowerPax at the track.

Close-up of the traces top CH1 (in) bottom CH2 (out) Settings below

Settings for the above photos

Same setup as above with the power supply removed from the PowerPax


Power back on and slower sweep

PowerPax removed from circuit, normal programming read CV2

Inside one of the PowerPax


The additional problem was not with the Powerpax but rather with my module layout Power Pro system. I had not taken it out of its tool box from a trip in October. When I did take it out here is how it came up.

50% of the time I power it up the right hand status light is on. The system is sending a data stream to the booster side and power to the cabs. You can change the Cab number and settings in the cabs but nothing else.

I talked to Larry and let him know I had checked the battery and all the board connections inside the unit and he said to send it back to him at NCE.


I hope this shows what was going on so far. I am looking at the purchase of a Power Cab for the work bench. I tend to think I may have overloaded the PowerPax doing full reads of CVs for around 40 locos while building my JMRI database. Maybe I was passing too much current thru the Powerpax in too short a time.


Paul Wussow

Updated 03/11/14
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