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Take A Walk (just after lockdown) note the trees

15 More houses from the same plan have been found.

Look at the houses in your neighborhood to try and find a group of structures that were early sets of houses by the same builder.

Today I set a timer for 15 min. to take a walk out and when the alarm goes off, I head home.

On my trip I saw a group of houses that looked very much alike.

This group look like they were built all at the same time but have 50 or more years of upgrades. I took photos and have blocked addresses and car plates for security. This is a group so then you need a few close-up photos.

With the front and side views it works to develop drawings. The back of the houses are a little harder. (no Trespassing) You can see it is hard to see the back of the house, but the good news is that the back is where many changes have been done and you can be open to create your own updates.

So get out and exersize and find I project to do. Check the Winter Project

If you send photos to the site (pwussow@gmail.com) I will try to get drawings out in your scale like our Winter Project drawings.