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When I started the signal tower kit I wanted to try a different brick painting technique that sounded interesting.  I sprayed all the brick work pieces with Polly S aged concrete, the color I’d chosen for the mortar color.  When it had dried properly, the plan was to daub a brick color on the surface of the plastic pieces, giving the brick a nice dark color and leaving the lighter color in the mortar lines.

This proved to be difficult, very difficult.  I tried several times to get a brush set with enough brick paint to daub onto the surface, without too much paint going into the mortar lines.  It didn’t work, the mortar lines just filled up.  So I grabbed a paper towel and wiped the castings.  Low and behold, the dark color stayed in the mortar grooves and left the concrete color on the brick face. 

This is what it looks like:


Interesting, but not real normal looking.  But the ease in which I was able to wipe the top of the casting, told me a more traditional approach would work nicely.  So starting from an unpainted wall (I have two kits, to allow for mistakes), I applied aged concrete with a brush and immediately wiped the surface.  Here is the second attempt:


This much more like I had hoped.  So the work continues

.  Did anyone else try the first method with better results?  I may shoot the whole thing with a red or brown and try spackling compound.  I read about that somewhere and thought it might be interesting to try.

KeithM – Las Vegas, NV


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