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Interior for MDC Passenger Cars

STL files for the 50' cars may be downloaded now

These are tests that I have placed here. They will soon be printable .stl files on this site for you to print at your Fab Lab or Maker Site. 50' Observation cars

Seats forward (Click Here)

Seats Backward (Click Here)

50' Coach (Click Here)

50' Combine MDC Production (Click Here)

50' Business Car (Click Here)

50' US Mail Car (Click Here)

50'Ad Car (Click Here)



Below are custom interiors for cars printed 05/05/16 on a MakerBot. These were done for my custom cars made by cutting and splicing the short cars and are the wrong width for 50 foot production MDC or Roundhouse Overtons cars.


New drawing of the "D" version

The new "D" interiors were printed and are fitted to the cars.


Original version drawing

Set of 3 Drawings of interiors for my lengthened Model Die Casting HO Scale Overton Passenger Cars.

Setup on the 3D printer


During the printing process inside the 3D Printer


Paul Wussow shows the finished printed interiors in front of the printing system

Close-up of the interiors


The base printed on the interiors were thicker than I planned. I used my milling machine to take .020" off and fit the interior into the combine.

Interior for the Combine

Interior for the Coach

Left and right views of the business car interior.


Steven Yahr teaching Jack Zimmer about the 3D Printer in the Fab Lab

Global connections to the Worlds Fab Labs Introducing the project to a Fab Lab in Iceland


These interiors include seating, heating, and water closet facilities. The walls and doors are detailed and there are heat shields around and under the stoves. These interiors were designed to fit the 3 Overton cars I built from plans I drew up after reading Al Turner's article in the October 1980 Model Railroader. While the cars appeared in the 50th anniversary contests of MR and also Du Page Division popular vote favorite train contests they have not been evaluated for AP. I am in the process of adding more details to the cars both inside and out.


An old photo of the combine on the layout at my old house. More to come.


Updated 05/24/18
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