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Green River Branch of the Illinois Central Railroad,

August 1957

A Layout by Milton Dings

Abandoned Farmstead, Hart's Station Kentucky

North Side View of  Three Levels

South Side View of Two Levels

Ash Pit at Central City (KY) Roundhouse

Beaver Dam Station, Beaver Dam (KY)

Beaver Dam IGA, Beaver Dam (KY)

Coal Dump at Central City Engine Service

Smith Family Camp, A Rail Fan's Paradise

Scratch Built Dining Hall, Logging Camp

Canoeing on the Green River

Engine House, Logging Camp

Kentucky Light and Power, Beaver Dam (KY)

The Wye at Hawkey (KY)

Photos and text by Milton Dings

Thanks to Milton for sharing his layout with us.

Paul Wussow

Updated 04/28/15

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