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Modules Tested at Liberty Hobby Center

06/01/16 Bob and Jack's Modules were setup at the Liberty Hobby Center in Wheaton IL to make sure all was ready for the summer in Three Lakes WI. The modules that took first prize in the Rhinelander meeting have been modified in height to work with younger students.

In consultation with the Three Lakes School and the Three Lakes Library we reduced the height to 37". First we cut down the legs from the bottom to keep the bolt holes that fit the modules in place. Off came about a foot from each leg in one cross cut on the radial arm saw. Next we drilled the holes for the tee nuts to put in the bolts that work as height adjusters for floors that are not level. To keep the ability to use the modules at full height we drilled holes for tee nuts and use threaded rod to allow us to put the legs back to full height.

We connected a NEC Power Cab to the modules and put the sound loco on the tracks to test the connections and the clean track.

Loss of some of the ground cover will need replacement and the track connectors as seen above need to be replaced with track sections rather than just rails patched over the ties.

Working at the Liberty Hobby Center can be a problem when the Dixie Rebels attack in 28mm, about S scale from the next table.

But some Union solders tried to give us support.

Check out the Liberty Hobby Center's modules and games setup on our site.

Click here for Liberty Hobby Center

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Update 6/01/16