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Black Jack's Bar Outside Wolf Creek MT

Black Jack's Bar Published .pdf


"Sometimes, but seldom, called a tavern."  "Black Jack's Bar was a freight car taken off its wheels and set on gravel at the other end of the bridge crossing the Little Prickly Pear Creek.”             

 Norman Maclean from “A River Runs Through It

This is a set of short articles about a model building, based on a fictional prototype, by Paul A. Wussow.  The building modeled in these articles does not exist however Norman Maclean gave a description of the area and its location and the building. This helped me design and build this model structure and a photo module around it. Upon completion of the module Richard Jacky, the son of a classmate of Norman’s brother Paul at Mazola, Montana High School declared “That’s up by Lolo Pass we were not supposed to go up there as kids.” He indicated that the model and the setting were like something out of his and his father’s Montana childhood.
The article is broken into four parts:

  1. Fictional Story of Model Structure
  2. Model Building in HO Scale
  3. Module for teaching Model Railroad Photography
  4. Fictional accounts of life in the summer of 1937

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