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2/9/19 Edition

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Passenger Cars

Ore Car Frames


NMRA Car Frames

Fab Lab 3D Laser

Fab Lab 3D Printer

PLL Caboose #3

Winter Project

Woodboro WI

Brainless Modeling

Choo Choo Store

Pickle Tub Cars

Pickle Salting Station

Corn Crib

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Current Control Part 2

Help From DownUnder

Current Update

Scale House


Black Jack's Bar

Modeling Starks WI


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Welcome to

Paul's Hobby Work Shop


Check out Club Projects for the rebuilding of Mantua 4-6-2 and more


Structures under Construction for Scenery


Printing Ore car frames for MDC Ore Cars


*Passenger Cars*


Laser Cut UDP Panel for DCC controls

Note the connections are at the top to avoid dirt and shorting


Super detailed Kadee Logging caboose


Woodboro Warehouse

Photos of scratch built PLL #3

Here are some of the parts going into the model. Interior walls were cut from .020" evergreen siding and painted a light green which conforms to the interior of prototype caboose. The floor is also cut from Evergreen plastic and painted with Floquil Foundation as is the underside of the roof. Die marks in the roof were removed and extra bracing was added before airbrushing. The doors were only detailed on the outside so i added frames and 3 panels to the inside before painting. Hand rails and grab irons were paint black as were the steps. Windows and doors, inside and out were painted Boxcar Red.

Additional cars under construction include Way cars for HO and HOn3 from my own drawings and including interior details. These were cut on the Laser cutter at the Fab Lab in The Three Lakes School. Drawings are available to scale these cars to S or O scale.

These are test sets of cars cut and assembled to look over the size and shape.(left is HOn3 right is HO in each photo)


*Woodboro Store Progress**New Warehouse Drawings*



Taking a ride on my Private Car to the BSA Merit Badge Session



"Current News" Help Me I am Melting

Using Circuit Breakers on DCC layouts


The WC / SOO Line Rhinelander Scale House


Atlas Signal Tower Kit bashing Project

tower2The Kit-A-Long Projecttower box


Kit bashing a boxcar into a Fictional Prototype near Wolf Creek MT

Black Jack's Bar


Lelah Starks Certified Seed Potato Warehouse, Starks WI (SOO MP 227)

Modeling Starks WI


Woodboro WI founded by the Woods Lumber Co.

Building a model of Woodboro WI, General Store and Warehouse


**Building Pickle Tub Cars in HO and HOn3**

Scratch Built and Kit bashed rolling stock


Modular Layouts


pl&s logo Perch Lake and Superior paw




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