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Images from the C. Richard Neumiller Collection.

Early Days on the WSOR

WSOR #4490 an Ex-CRIP GP9RM after many changes. In the photos below you will see 4490 and it's sisters 4491 and 4492 as they changed paint and hoods.

4490 leads 4492 Ex-CRIP GP9 in light blue paint. 4491 below was an Ex-CPRI GP9R

6604 in an Ex-SP #7707/6604 GP35

#801 is an E8A Built as CNW #5021B in July of 1950

It served other roads with different numbers LWV 101, RTA 522, CNW 522


#4493 is an EX SP #5810 (GP9) which was rebuilt into a GP9E

#1202 is an Ex MILW #2024/#629 EMD SW1200


Photographs by C. Richard Neumiller


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Update 08/01/14