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Roger's Workshop

April 15, 2020

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The Out-a-site Region of the C&NW is progressing.  

Shareholders, a bit irritated about the slow progress of the Operating Division, issued a strong warning via the BOD’s to the VP in charge that if tunneling, bridging, and track laying is not up to former standards, and completed on the “newly revised” schedule, heads will roll.  So, with fresh manpower, as a result of Purdue’s extended spring break, and retirement of the Communications Branch Manager,  an inordinate burst of progress occurred befitting the enterprise and meeting all quality standards.  Thus, the majority of track laying in the Mount Laura Division was accomplished.  True, sidings and switches were left for the electrical and local crews to finish; but, the backbreaking work was done thus completing track work from 29 to 46 smiles.  No celebratory parties were held due to coronavirus.  

Subsequent to the work on the Mt Laura Division, the Engineering Department completed or has in progress the foundations for roadbed and tunnel bores completed and is working on bridging in the Mt Anna Division.  The Interchange Track to allow shipments to and from Glen Ellen was partiallty completed and actually has some track laid.  This work, in the mountainous area of Out-a-site, Is designed to meet the narrow gauge of the famed T&O RR as a feeder from Three Lakes itself.  Nearby, the trestle allowing such communications is under construction.  Perhaps a few photos will suffice.

Some things have not changed: the entry-

Track on the Mt Laura Division here looking wards Barb’s Butte in the distance while looking complete actually needs wiring.

Below, looking at the same scene but into a mirror… shows a long bridge (2 x 4 supports) of Mt Anna leading to Barb’s Butte.
Behind the mirror is the interchange to Glen Ellen.

The Mount Anna Division Bridge spanning over Mt Laura Div. tracks and they in turn over the Outasite Div trackage.  The T&O narrow gauge will wind itself through this area soon.

In fabrication is another bridge, a concrete arch bridge.  Also for the Mt Anna Division,  all component parts are in this photo.  In 72 hours, glue will be dry and the bridge will be painted.


Updated 04/15/20

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