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The Thomasville Region of the C&NW  

The entry to the ‘Thomasville Region’ takes us by a bit of history with a cross buck and red single lens that suggests stop, look and listen.  Enjoy.


The first thing that might catch your eye is the traffic where the four operating divisions of the Thomasville Region meet.  Traffic galore.



The last thing you might note is below JustinTimeBridge.  Down in the Grotto where Jamestown Station sits at the west end of the railroad.  It’s a long way down



If Indiana Jones was being chased through and atop the train he might see the following view as he passes under JustinTimeBridge.



Mt Anna Power Plant normally receives a trainload of coal each day; however, the daily turn is heading to the power plant to drop off a car.



The same train entering the tunnel to Mt Anna Power Plant.  It takes a three trains a day normally to service that plant.



Lee’s Lament is a rocky chasm that sits between Willard’s Woods and Mt Anna.  Trains passing over Lee’s Lament are on there way to the OutaSite Mountain area.



Following C&NW practice, the old trestle you see is being filled in as an ash dump.  Ashes, while not a great fill material due to variable strength in compression and the possibility of exhibiting a negative angle of repose are augmented with organic free clay and gravel to make, in the long run a decent fill.



Thomasville Station handles passengers, mail, LCL freight and has an anthracite handling and blending operation at one end to satisfy a hard coal export business.  Here a passenger train arrives and barely awakens the two drifters.



The dark, damp underground portions of Thomasville Station remind you of lower Wacker Drive in Chicago.  Here in this darkness, the smell is of diesel and coal and at times the noise and vibration are worrisome.



A mixed freight passes over the Thomasville Bridge, above the Thomasville station, yards, the darkness and smell.  It’s a bright day and the railroad is making money.



This control panel was wired by kids aged at the time 9 to 14.  They did the soldering, marking and terminations, for all 114 wires.  All DPDT toggles were checked by a 9 year old, all DC power was wired by another 9 year old.  They are my grandchildren.  They learned something and so did grandpa.  Trains make learning fun.  



For Thomasville OutaSite Mountain Subdivision click here

RGB   Feb 17, 2012

Update 01/24/14

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