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Draft of Building the Wayside Structure


This is an image of the structure from my drawings. I have drawn it with Grandt Line windows and service door.

This building may be built in any scale and drawings are on line and kits will be produced on request in Ho, S, and O scales.

Building the kit in HO


This is the basic kit and an example of construction the parts include:

from left to right top down,

Left end wall

Overhead Door, Front wall, Door frame, Door, 3 Long braces. 1 Cross brace and a Roof cap.

Right End Wall with a window, Inside corner braces, Outside corner trim.

Rear wall and window, Structure floor

The roof is not shown and needs to be cut (2) 3.75" X 1.5"


On the modern PL&S our maintainers use trucks rather than hand cars or speeders so we needed to upgrade our facility to handle data and voice communications equipment service and equipment storage.


Modernization of the section house under construction is using Evergreen plastic cut on the laser at the Fab Lab, Grandt Line windows and door, and a scratch built overhead door.  The roof models the new metal material with a smooth enamel surface being used in the north woods.  The overhead door is scratch built with strips of scale 12”X2” sections and hinged sections of .015” plastic strips.  There will be a propane fired energy efficient heating system for the office space and a generator located in the service space. Venting will be provided by scratch built or detail parts purchased at Trainfest.

Jack Zimmer built the winter project out of paper from the fold-up at the bottom of this page. He then weathered the structure and we have frost on the roof today.


Check out the progress done in @ the Fab Lab at Three Lakes High School



These are links to the project drawings. I have links to drawings in O, S, and HO scales.

The Grandt Line windows and doors for HO are 36X 52 Window 16 pane #5032 and 30" 5 panel Door and frame #5021.

Please note the S and O scale color drawings need to have the windows and door openings re-sized for Grandt Line windows and doors.

The cut out plans are for S scale window #4026 and door #4003 and O scale window #3762 and door #3602

O scale Front and Back

O Scale Front and Back cutout for Evergreen Plastic & Grandt Line parts

O Scale End walls

O Scale End walls cutout for Evergreen Plastic & Grandt Line parts

S Scale

S Scale cutout for Evergreen Plastic & Grandt Line parts

HO Scale

HO Scale Fold up

N Scale cutout for Evergreen Plastic & Grandt Line parts also roof and foundation

The roof is given as being 29' X 11' 6" however I find the 11' 6" a bit to long.

Updated 08/22/15
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