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Woodboro Warehouse Update 02/25/15


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Woodboro is located where the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad Fourth Subdivision (SOO/WC/CN) crosses Oneida County N. The history of the town goes back to the establishment of the Woods Lumber Company.

The siding and turnout serving the warehouse has been removed. The warehouse is located across the tracks and on the west side of the road. The General Store is located on the North West side of the railroad crossing.

When I submitted the structure to the Region AP chair he did not believe that this structure was complex enough to qualify for a merit award so in place of board by board construction with HO corrugated metal I decided to build it from Evergreen plastic and use it in my Woodboro diorama for scenery. As you will see the drawings have an error in the height and pitch of the roof which I have corrected.

As part of the Measuring Up article we gathered dimensions of the warehouse.

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Progress: Airbrush first Paint

This is the first coat of Old Concrete on the foundation and SP Lettering Gray on the building.

Second trip to the airbrush I used SP Gray which is darker that SP Lettering Gray and use the mask built from scale 2X4 plastic to create the lighter areas where the studs and the panels overlap. The roof got its first rusting with the mask.

The walls will get a light rust coating and then special areas will be rusted as per the prototype. Additional work on the roof will weather the surface.

Updated Drawings

Drawing of the North, track, side of the warehouse

Drawing of the woodwork updated 10/20/14

Drawing of the South side of the warehouse

Drawings of the ends of the warehouse



New Door channels and attachments tested that must now be made in scale.

Door Rails and bolts allowing the doors to slide on the rails NBW details.

The clear photos showed that the roof angle was wrong. A quick check of the photos gave me a reason to re measure the height of the roof. Averaging the width of the overlap of the upper half of the end wall gave me a new dimension. I re-cut the ends and reset the roof.

Then there is the roof, it was time to do something and not just think it.

This is the roof in place with an angle strip on the top.

The move from a 90 deg. to a 35 deg. angle at the peak presented problems in cementing the roof together. In the 90 deg. a single Evergreen square strip gave me an even position to cement the two halves of the roof together. This all changed with the new roof angle. I used the original strip but added support and then shims to put the roof together. In the photo below you see the support and the positioning strips along with the shims at the peak. The angle across the peak was cut long for easy cementing and will be cut square when dry.

Window test on the west wall

Grandt Line Single Sash 4 Pane WDW 5239


Building on a good foundation

This is the foundation with the slab at the top and the footing at the bottom. The tool is for scribing the vertical lines left by the forms.

Here you can see the results of the tool and a #11 blade

A carefully made square to scribe the "poured" foundation to show the marks left from the forms. Next holes will be drilled to be additional indentations.

Updated 02/25/15

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