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Woodboro WI Module Project

Building modules that reflect prototype locations in Northern WI is a goal of the Three Lakes Model Railroad Club.  This is an effort to preserve railroad history which is rapidly disappearing from the area after the CN purchase of the Wisconsin Central (WC).

Woodboro is located where the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad Fourth Subdivision (SOO/WC/CN) crosses Oneida County N. The history of the town goes back to the establishment of the Woods Lumber Company.

Woodboro is at MP 208.8 on the SOO Line. The area includes a general store and a warehouse with its own siding. Photos of the location from 1930s to the present show each of these building have suffered from age over the last few decades. The general store has had many renovations to try to make the location marketable however these efforts have failed and the building is in disrepair and may be demolished for public safety.  The siding and turnout serving the warehouse has been removed.

1946 photo of the store from Kris Gibrtyson and a 1990s photo by Paul Wussow.

A warehouse is located across the tracks and the road from the store.

As part of the Measuring Up article we gathered dimensions of the warehouse.


End of the General Store 2/2/2020

Warehouse is still standing

Gates were installed this past fall after over 100 years of the SOO Line Main just having crossbucks Looking South across the tracks 2/2/2020

Updated 02/03/2020

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