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Supporting Model Railroading and Modeling
Of The North Woods Railroads


Bon French's UP Wyoming Division

UP Wyoming Divisionup2


Bob Knobbe's CB&Q Layout

Bob Knobbe's


Jack Zimmer's Layout

Jack Zimmer's


Bob Dumke's HO Layout

Arrow Head area of Minnesota.

Bob Dumke's


Paul Wussow's HO and HOn3 Layouts and Paul's Workshop

pl&s logoPerch Lake and Superiorpaw


Brian Wussow with major work in Photography. Electronics and 3D Printing

Brian's Workshop


Jim Smith's Layout


Roger Blocks' O and On30 layout

OutaSite Mountain Subdivision

TVcnwThe Thomasville Branch of the CNWblocks


Park Place Train Gang


PRRhinelander Club soo depot


Store Closed December 2017 D&J


Liberty Hobby Center


Photos from the C. Richard Neumiller Collection.

Early WSOR

Center for Railroad Photography & Art Logo

The Center For Railroad Photography & Art has updated it's Web Site

The MWR created a PDF version of the MWR Layout Guest Register Booklet for every member's access and use. Click on the icon to down load a PDF file so you can create your own booklet. The files are printer ready if you want to take them to your local office supply store.

MWR Layout Guest Register

Join us in the “Greatest Hobby” as a member of the TLMRC.

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