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HO 50' Box Car Frame

HO and HOn3 Steel Underframes

Tested on a MakerBot Printer they were shown at the NMRA Du Page Division meeting November first.


The new frames HOn3 (left) and HO (right)are steel frames. The center is the HOn3 wood frame.


HOn3 Pickel Tub Car frame made of Steel

These are 3D prints ready to be printed at the Fab Lab Three Lakes.

MDC 50' Overton Advertising Car Interior

MDC Overton Short Cars


Winter Project Print Test Printing Results

The Patterson Farm House Update

8/31/15 Paul, Jack, and Bob 3D at the Lab

Winter Project kit Building

Printing Ore car frames for MDC Ore Cars

Made At The Fab Lab

Sharon and Paul were at The Clearing in 2015

This is a collection of projects made at the Fab Lab

for details select: Passenger car ends

50' Overton interiors or N Scale Winter Project


Interior for Open Platform Combine



Logging Cabooses in Paul's Workshop

Woodboro Warehouse


HOn3 Way Car on an scratch built frame. Car walls cut at the Lab.

HOn3 Car frames printed at the Fab Lab. More photos

Link to the Laser Cutting Link to the 3D Printing

****TLMRC Winter Project (CLICK HERE) ****

Fall 2016 Projects

Rebuild Electronics on the Zimmer Layout (Full DCC + DC by Molex Plug)

Re-gear 2-8-0, 0-6-0 and 4-6-2 with gears and motors

Finish the Rhinelander Yard

Wire the Rhinelander Tower trackage with breakers and auto reversers.

Construct the Rhinelander Tower and Signal Control Computer

Planning Module Layout for Three Lakes Layout

Join us in the “Greatest Hobby” as a member of the TLMRC.

Update 12/03/16